KitchenAid - ARTISAN Power Plus Blender - Cast Iron Black

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KitchenAid - Artisan™ Power Plus Blender

The KitchenAid Power Plus Blenderis the most powerful blender and the ultimate tool for making healthy, nutritious eating easy. *When testing the actual blender power output at the blade using a dynamometer, a machine laboratories use to measure mechanical power, this KitchenAid blender with its heavy duty motor and advanced motor control board, produces more power than the leading competitors.

  • Asymmetric stainless steel blade***
    Blends at 4 different angles to pull ingredients into the blending vortex for smooth, consistent and exceptional results Allows for blending large and tough ingredients, like whole fruits and vegetables
  • Powerful 3.5 Peak HP Motor**
    Powers and blends quickly and easily through tough ingredients, like frozen fruits and fibrous, nutrient-dense vegetables, for smoother results
  • 4 Pre-set Adapti-blend programs: smoothies, juices, soups, and self-cleaning cycle
    For specific results and consistency, creating an ideal blend - For easy clean-up and convenience
  • Precision power dial and Pulse/Boost
    Offers continuous variable speed control from 1-11, from low to high speeds, to meet all recipe’s specific needs
  • 2.6 L BPA-free dishwasher-safe graded Thermal Control Jar with Soft Touch removable handle grip, and vented lid with removable ingredient measuring cap
    Blends and heats soup in only 5 minutes - Designed and engineered to further optimize the blender’s performance - Comfortable hold, easily measuring and adding ingredients while blending
  • Unique flex edge tamper
    For large or ultra thick blends - Pushes the ingredients into the blending vortex and scrapes the sides of the jar for even blending
  • Premium die-cast metal base, precision power dial and switches
    Sturdy, stable, durable and easy to clean


  • Wattage 1800 W
  • Voltage 220 - 240 V
  • Frequency 50 / 60 HZ
  • Power rating 3,5 Peak HP Motor
  • Speeds: 11
  • Motor RPM 1000 to 24,000
  • Capacity pitcher 2,6 L
  • Material body die-cast
  • Dimensions product H x W x D - 44.9 x 26.7 x 23.1 cm
  • Net Weight 9,4 kg
  • Capacity pitcher 1.75 L
  • Warranty 10 years


  • 2.6 L BPA-free graded Thermal Control Jar with Soft Touch removable handle grip
    Heats soups and sauces in only 5 minutes and retain hot temperature longer.
    The beveled corners allow for clean pouring from 3 sides.
    Dual wall jar: marked capacity is 1.65 L.
    The removable silicone handle grip comfortably holds and controls the jar.
  • Secure, vented lid with ingredient measuring cap
    Fits securely on the jar, minimizing spils when in use.
    The lid is made out of silicon and is easy to remove and to clean. Solid core prevents warping.
    It features a vent for blending hot soups and a die-cast metal ingredient cap for measuring and adding ingredients during blending.
  • Removable silicone stabilizer jar pad
    Keeps the blender jar securely on the base for added stability.
  • Asymmetric stainless steel blade***
    Sharpened and precisely angled to optimize power and blend performance.
    Blends at 4 different angles.
    3 mm thick hardened stainless steel blade that spins at 250 mph.
  • Flex edge tamper
    For large or ultra-thick blends.
    Made out of plastic and rubber.

Simplify blending with the push of a button

Smoothies, soups, cocktails and extra-thick milkshakes are just the start of your new culinary adventure.
The Artisan Magnetic Drive Blender is designed to inspire endless creations through power, beauty and simplicity.
Just add the ingredients, push the button, and let the Magnetic Drive Blender work its magic.

The Artisan Magnetic Drive Blender is designed for ease of use, and is not dictated by the ingredients you choose to use.
That’s why we made operating the Magnetic Drive Blender so simple, with just one smart button.
Choose from four different settings based on preset programs, uniquely designed for extraordinary results, to help you create your own favourites.
Each program - designed with varying speeds and times based on the needs of the recipe - offers you the ability to slide in the jar, push the button and walk away, as the program will automatically shut off the Magnetic Drive Blender when complete.

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