Kitchenaid - Artisan Espresso Maker - Onyx Black

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Kitchenaid - Artisan Espresso Maker

We know that you are a passionate coffee lover and that you like your cappuccino with a firm and dense foam. Coffee to you is an art form the way it is made. Selecting your blend, grinding and brewing it yourself, in other words the best coffee is the one you make. Therefore, we have developed the Artisan™ Espresso Maker giving you consistent top quality and total freedom.
Brew Espresso and steam milk at the same time with the KitchenAid Espresso Maker featuring Dual Independent Boilers. This unit comes equipped with a variety of premium features to make each and every experience a delight. Such as an adjustable frothing arm, cup warmer and rail and frothing pitcher specially designed to create latte art.

  • Two independent boilers with auto-shut off function after 30 minutes
    Consistent performance with no delay between brewing and frothing.
  • Espresso boiler
    Delivers constant temperature for optimal brewing of Italian-style espresso with “crema”.
  • Steam boiler
    Delivers abundant dry steam with a constant temperature for a rich creamy cappuccino.
  • Professional filter holder
    Can accommodate two interchangeable stainless steel baskets. Allows brewing with ground coffee and paper pods.
  • Large espresso and steam gauges
    Clear indication of boiler status for brewing and frothing.
  • Die-cast metal construction
    Robust and durable.
  • Cup warmer
    Easy storage for warming up to 6 espresso cups.

Kitchenaid - Artisan Espresso Maker - Standard Acesories

Technical Features:

  • Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Hertz : 50-60 Hz
  • Dimensions (cm) : 40.1 x 31.8 x 30.7
  • Net weight : 11.8 kg
  • Pressure : 15 Bar
  • Pump Watts : max. 1300 W

Standard Features:

  • 2 Filter Baskets
  • Tamper
  • Shower-Screen Brush
  • Coffee Scoop
  • Removable nozzle S
  • tainless Steel Jug
  • 2 Liter sliding and removable water tank

The 4 M's : MACCHINA = Espresso Maker

  • To conform the high standard of Italian espresso making, KitchenAid® has designed the Artisan™ Espress Maker in collaboration with Italian engineers.It is the response to the demand for a quick, freshly brewed, flavourful cup of coffee, based on forcing water under pressure through grinds of coffee.
  • For a perfect result, use only bottled, purified water. Do not forget to change the water in the tank often and refill the boilers after a long period of non-use. Do not use mineral water or distilled water as they can damage the espresso machine!
  • Also the water temperature and its consistency have a direct impact on the flavour of espresso. The dedicated dual boilers of the Artisan™ Espresso Machine prevent any adverse temperature fluctuations. The chrome-plated commercial –size brass brew group heats quickly and retains the heat perfectly.

Barista Tips

  • Wait until the machine has reached the operating temperature ( ideal temperature is 90°-96°C)
  • When brewing multiple cups : use a towel to clean and dry the filter basket before filling the with coffee.
  • To maintain the proper brewing temperature, it’s important to keep the brew group warm.
  • Do not rinse the filter holder with cold tap water at this will cool it off. It’s best to wipe leftover grounds from filter with a towel.
  • Always keep the empty filter holder warm by attaching it to the brew head.
  • Only grind as much coffee as you intend to brew immediately to prevent losing any of the delicate flavours.
  • Dose and level the coffee correctly! Properly tamped coffee will produce an even extraction of coffee compounds.
  • Watch the brewing carefully! As it pours, a perfect espresso is a deep reddish brown with a thick texture like honey running off a spoon. It often forms what are called mouse-tails or tiger stripes. The best espresso takes about 20-25 seconds to brew.


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