KitchenAid - Pour Over Coffee Brewer - Onyx Black

KitchenAid - Pour Over Coffee Brewer - Onyx Black

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KitchenAid - Pour Over Coffee Brewer

The KitchenAid® Pour Over Coffee Brewer combines the flavor and control of the manual pour over process with the programmability and convenience of a traditional coffee maker.

  • Automated and programmable pour over brew technology
    Precisely heats and pulses the flow of water, steeping in the same manner as the manual pour over process, allowing the grounds to develop their full aroma Delivers infused, full body flavoured coffee at a precise time, day or night
  • Brew temperature optimization with top mounted water tank
    Dispenses 93°C water directly into brew basket minimizing heat loss, delivering consistent extraction
  • Visual display with progress bar
    Shows each step of the brewing process from heating the water to pouring over the coffee and then steeping
  • One-touch medium and dark roast settings
    Experience all of the subtle flavours within these different roasts
  • 1.18 L capacity with cup selector
    Choose between 2 and 8 cups of true pour over style coffee
  • Warming plate (up to 59°C)
    Pre-heat the carafe and keep the brewed coffee warm for 30 minutes without overheating


  • Power (W) 1200 W
  • Voltage (V) 220 - 240
  • Frequency (Hz) 50 / 60
  • Material body - ABS plastic
  • Material back - stainless steel
  • Certification - ECBC (Special Coffee Association Europe)
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Brew System Control
  • Brew Timer and Clock
  • Cleaning Indicator Light
  • End of Brew/Max Fill Tone
  • Full Dispersion Showerhead
  • Sliding Water Tank Lid
  • Pause and Pour Feature
  • Programmable Brew Timer
  • Product dimensions (HxLxD) 38,35 x 22,1 x 28,7 cm
  • Net Weight (kg) 3,8 kg
  • Gross weight (kg) 4,7 kg


  • 1.18 L Carafe - Made out of glass. Dishwasher-safe.
  • Showerhead - Turbulence enables max. flavour extraction and even coverage of grounds.
  • Water tank with sliding lid - Is positioned at top of the machine for minimal heat loss.
  • Brew basket with filter clip - Holds filter in place and provides specific dosage recommendations.

What is pour over coffee versus drip coffee?

In traditional drip coffee, the cone is flooded with water, letting the coffee grounds seep and the coffee trickle downwards into the carafe.
In pour over coffee, hot water is poured in a continuous thin stream, which allows the coffee grounds to absorb the water, and release carbon dioxide, resulting in a richer flavour.
The KitchenAid Pour Over Coffee Brewer combines the best of both the traditional and manual method with advanced technology into one stylish appliance:

  1. After hot water is poured, the coffee grounds are allowed to absorb the water before the pouring recommences.
  2. The coffee can be programmed to be ready at any set time.
  3. Select between 2 to 8 cups of coffee without having to adjust the water in the tank to the desired number of cups.
  4. The heating plate pre-heats the carafe keeping the coffee warm.
  5. The water tank is placed up high to minimize heat loss.


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