de Buyer - Mineral B Element - Crêpe Pan 26 cm

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de Buyer - Mineral B Element - Crêpe Pan 26 cm without Handle - Twisty

de Buyer - Mineral B Element - Crêpe Pan 26 cm without Handle - The MINERAL B ELEMENT crêpe pan has a specially designed low side to easily flip and turn over crêpes. Iron is ideal for making truly crispy and tasty crêpes. The fry pan becomes naturally non-stick the more it is used thanks to the seasoning process. The extra-strong iron of this pan is suitable for intense sources of heat, including induction. The MINERAL B ELEMENT pan will be part of your kitchenware for decades, as long as you follow the specific instructions to use and clean the iron utensils.

Iron and cast iron pans are not suitable for scrambled eggs. Please only prepare setting eggs and omelets in a well-baked pan.

De Buyer Removables: in 3 ranges, 3 materials, 3 uses with a single, practical and ergonomic long handle with a velvety feel. The removable iron version of Sealing, Browning and Grilling.
The iron MINERAL B ELEMENT fry pan is available in this removable version with a stainless steel base firmly fastened with rivets. 

TWISTY removable long handle
The Soft Touch removable long handle can be applied to the bases of the products in the 3 de Buyer ranges of removable items: the stainless steel Twisty range, the Mineral B Element iron range and the non-stick cast aluminium CHOC EXTREME range. It has an innovative clamping system. Its ergonomic shape and its soft feel provide a pleasant grip. It comes in 4 colours: black, green, orange and red.

  • Ø 26 cm - H = 1,5 cm


  • Bees produce by-products that are well known in nature. de Buyer discovered that bee wax is an excellent option to protect their pans against oxidation.
  • Bee wax helps in the seasoning process.
  • Bee wax improves the nonstick quality.


  • Guaranteed without PTFE and PFOA. No chemicals added.
  • Environment safe production.
  • Ecological, recyclable, and good for the environment.


  • High temperature: Perfect for SEALING, BROWNING and GRILLING
  • Improved flavour.


  • Authentic design: «Lyonnaise» shape. Curved handle «à la Française». Symbol of French Gastronomy.


  • The more the pan is used, the better the performance.
  • The darker it becomes the better it is for natural nonstick properties.


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How to Season, Manufacturing, Care & Use Download
Length with handles 26,5 cm
Weight 1,245 kg


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de Buyer - TWISTY removable long handle de Buyer - TWISTY removable long handle
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