de Buyer - Knife Sharpener Diamond Cams

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de Buyer - Knife Sharpener Diamond Cams 15-20°

de Buyer Diamond Cams sharpener is perfect for all regular blades of any brand, except single bevel (chisel edge/sashimi) blades.

  • L 20 x  W 10,5 x H 7,5 cm
  • Simple to use: swipe your blade down and back through the Diamond Cams until it is sharp!
  • Swipe lightly for razor sharp daily honing
  • Swipe hard and deep for resharpening worn knives through the diamond coated section of Cams.
  • Quickly and easily resharpens all knives
  • Professional results with no skills
  • Patent Pending DIAMOND CAMS TM
  • dual stage cams 15-20° sharpen and hone to perfection
  • Developed by master knife engineer Mark Henry working at de Buyer company, France

de Buyer - Knives

de Buyer created the new knives-collection for the most demanding of professional chefs. The high tech handle, compression moulded with multiple layers of carbon fibre, is light and extremely strong, making it perfectly balanced and pleasant to hold. Blades are very strong in the European tradition, and very sharp in the Japanese tradition – the perfect blend of both cutlery worlds.

de Buyer - Knives Series:

  • Dai Sensei - Japanese knife with handle made of carbon fiber
  • Fibre Karbon 1 - For highly accomplished chefs and discerning home gourmet cooks.
  • Fibre Karbon 2 - For the serious chef and home cook seeking the highest performance knife for value.

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