Spring - Sous-Vide-Garer "Professional"

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Spring - Sous-Vide-Garer "Professional"

The perfect food, as in the star restaurant, even at home - this is the claim of the Sous-Vide cooking method. Process selected and noble ingredients in the best possible way and achieve the perfect result through the particularly gentle preparation. A treat that impresses with its simplicity and reliability and makes you want more! The dream of every hobby chef with high standards - consistently pink cooked steak, buttery pork shank, crispy cooked vegetables, tender fish or flavorful desserts. You can do all this and much more with the sous vide cooking method. Sous Vide-Garer

  • Can be used in vessels up to 20 liters capacity
  • Temperature display in ° C or ° ° Precise temperature setting from 0 - 95 ° C / 203 ° F
  • maximum time setting 00:00 to 59:59 hours
  • Water level control with integrated automatic switch-off
  • Strong spring holder for secure fixation at the edge of the pot
  • user manual inside
  • Material: stainless steel / high quality plastic


Curvature of base
The base of high-end cookware curves slightly upwards when the pan is cold, but the base becomes perfectly flat when the pan is heated


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The history of the Spring brand is a chronicle marked by milestones of innovative and creative ideas for elegant dining, sophisticated cuisine, and ambitious hobby cooks. In 1946, the Spring brothers established the company which was committed to uncompromising quality and well-conceived product development. Over the years, the Spring brand has continually developed and marketed new products that proved to be trendsetters in the history of cooking and dining culture.


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Spring - Professional vacuum and sous vide film Spring - Professional vacuum and sous vide film
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