Kelomat - Bread Knife

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Kelomat - bread knife

Knives are the heart of every kitchen - almost nothing works without them! You will find the right knife for every culinary project in our range.

Here you will find our special knives with which your lovingly prepared piece of meat or fish can be perfectly carved, filleted or cut up. And your fine herbs are chopped particularly quickly with the chopping knife, your favorite bread is easily cut into slices with the bread knife.

The advantages at a glance

  •     seamless transition from blade to handle
  •     Riveted handle
  •     manually sharpened chrome steel blade
  •     rustproof

Care tips for knives


1. Avoid the dishwasher.

  • Rinsing in the machine quickly dulls the blade due to the machine salts.

2. Rinse the knife immediately after use.

  • Clean the knife with lukewarm water immediately after use, as dried food remains are difficult to remove. Immediately dry it thoroughly to avoid staining.
  • Do not leave knives in soapy water with washing-up liquid for a long time - they lose their sharpness and cutting ability more quickly.

3. Sharpen your knife regularly.

  • You can only cut easily and safely with a sharp knife without tiring your hand. KELOMAT knives are best sharpened with our sharpening steel.
  • Hold the sharpening steel an arm's length from your body. Then pull the knife blade from the handle to the point several times from both sides along the entire length of the sharpening steel. Make sure that the knife is perpendicular to the steel at an angle of 20 °.

4. Store your knives properly.

  • We recommend our knife pockets, knife blocks or a magnetic rail for storage. If you should keep the knives in the drawer, use a blade guard (e.g. made of felt) or build custom-made compartments in your drawer.

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