BergHOFF - table grill

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BergHOFF - table grill

Imagine that: a lot of happy people drinking and enjoying delicious grilled fish or meat. Everyone's laughing. And then there's the grill master, who's a little bit separate from the group, sipping a beer from time to time and making sure the food is perfectly grilled. There is always someone left out ...

Not at BergHOFF's new table grill: Now guests can gather around the table for a real social event with the stylish grill in the center. Each guest prepares his own food as he speaks.
And to make it even more versatile, the grill by BergHOFF is the absolute outdoor companion. It has been designed to be brought to the beach, a picnic area, on a boat or on a terrace ... in fact, wherever you can grill safely! The cork lid has two functions. It covers the grill when it is not in use and turns into a coaster on which the grill can be turned off when grilling. The practical carrying strap made of polystyrene holds all the elements in place, so that the grill can be carried anywhere in the open air. It is made of powder-coated steel with chrome-plated steel mesh and silicone grips and has proven itself in the open air.

  • Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 22 cm
  • Grill grate: 35 cm
  • Material: Cork, carbon steel
  • Removable silicone grips
  • Hand wash Recommended
  • Color: white

BergHOFF is an international brand that creates, manufactures and distributes sophisticated kitchen design that keeps you one step ahead of the everyday cooking experience.

A passion for cooking and a keen eye for detail have resulted in BergHOFF products being recognized and recommended for their aesthetics and functionality.

BergHOFF is distributed through a worldwide network and is the brand that brings both design and innovation to every kitchen.

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