Peugeot - Cleaning Balls Bilbo

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The cleaning beads BILBO - made of stainless steel - allow easy and quick cleaning of decanters, wine bottles or wine glasses. The rotation of the globules in the vessel dissolves perfectly any residue of tannins, tannins, deposits, prevents the calcification on the surfaces and makes the vessels shine in new splendor.


  • Fill the vessel to be cleaned with lukewarm water until the bottom of the vessel is covered
  • Open the vial by turning and pour the beads from the vial into the vessel to be cleaned
  • Allow the beads to rotate several times in the vessel
  • Close the lid of the vial and open the bottom; then pour the beads into the open bottom of the vial and close it again
  • You can rinse it off perfectly with the sieve-like bottom openings in the vial, the excess water drips off, and enough air dries out to dry on the beads


  • durable, wear-free
  • Environmentally friendly, as no cleaners are needed, which may leave residues in the container and adversely affect the taste of the wine

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