RBV Birkmann - Proving basket, oval

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RBV Birkmann - Proving basket, oval

CRISPY BREAD FRESH FROM THE OWN OVEN Baking your own bread is currently very popular. Free from additives, artificial leavening agents or preservatives. The small side effect: you save money. And don't forget the smell when you open the oven door and hold the home-baked bread in your hands. Have you ever thought about baking your own bread? Or have you been an enthusiastic bread baker for a long time and are curious to try something new? We love to bake bread ourselves, which is why this topic is particularly important to us. Such as our proofing baskets from our Loaf & Soul series. The proofing baskets are made from 100% sustainable rattan and are made by hand. It ensures ideal conditions during the fermentation process. During proofing, the dough develops heat and releases moisture. Both are absorbed by the basket and perfectly balanced. The temperature remains constantly warm without heat build-up, as the natural wicker provides optimal ventilation. This makes the bread light and airy and gives it a nice crispy crust.

  • Proofing basket, shaping, with groove pattern, for perfect proofing conditions and fluffy, airy bread, robust and durable, made from 100% rattan, made by hand
  • For breads up to 1000 g
  • Dimensions: 24.5 x 18.5 cm, height: 9.5 cm
  • Gives the desired shape to the dough
  • Ensures ideal fermentation conditions
  • For fluffy, airy breads
  • With a classic groove pattern
  • Pure natural product without glue and dyes, handmade
  • Perfect workmanship, therefore long-lasting.
  • Also ideal for professional bakers
  • Also as a bread basket for the kitchen table
  • Not suitable for detergents or dishwashers
  • Available in many different shapes and sizes

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