RBV Birkmann - proving basket | baguette

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RBV Birkmann - proving basket | baguette

The elongated proving basket is ideal for letting go of your baguette dough. Traditionally made of rattan, it gives the bread a characteristic groove surface before baking. After proofing the dough can be solved with simple steps from the basket. Nevertheless, it is recommended that the proving basket be well comminuted before use. Proving baskets, made of rattan, can be used especially by professional bakers for sourdough bread and are an indispensable utensil for baking bread.

Made of rattan that grows in the tropical climates of Asia, the porous natural material rattan can literally breathe your dough.

  • made of natural rattan
  • gives bread a typical structure
  • suitable for loaves of 250g - 500g
  • 38 x 9.5 cm, height 8 cm



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RBV Birkmann - Bread Bag RBV Birkmann - Bread Bag
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