Kelomat - Pressure cooker SUPER

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Kelomat - pressure cooker SUPER

The  pressure cooker SUPER by KELOMAT has been combining modern, healthy and time-saving cooking with timeless elegance for decades. Even with the  pressure cooker SUPER, dishes that normally have to simmer for a long time succeed in a flash. The extreme pressure inside the pressure cooker speeds up the cooking time and saves energy. Despite the fact that the cooking time is reduced by up to 70%, the food is not leached out in the steam: Thanks to the short cooking and heating time under steam, aromas and flavors are not leached out. In addition, it is only heated briefly in the absence of air, so that valuable - but oxygen-sensitive - vitamins and minerals are better preserved. This makes the pressure cooker ideal for an energy-saving, gentle and healthy diet. Whether vegetables, meat, fish, cereals or pulses - the pressure cooker is suitable for most dishes.

  • SUPER pressure cooker in three sizes
  • With matching pressure lid
  • Induction ThermoStabil capsule base
  • Triple safety thanks to the cooking regulator, ABS valve and overpressure protection in the edge of the lid
  • Heat setting regulator

Available in the following sizes:

  • Ø 22.0 cm, volume: 3.5 liters
  • Ø 22.0 cm, volume: 5.0 liters
  • Ø 22.0 cm, volume: 6.5 liters

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