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de Buyer - Mandoline Viper 19,3 ° V-shaped blade

Viper is fitted with a dicing system that is extremely easy to set up thanks to its 'on-off' function. Equipped with interchangeable plates, it is extremely simple to use. Viper's V-shaped blade makes it an ultra-efficient mandoline: its excellent cutting angle makes it possible to cut any sort of fruit and vegetable with it, including very ripe ones. Its fold-down foot and storage box make it compact and an item that takes up little space.

Viper is a complete mandoline designed to combine the complexity of cutting with easy and safe use. It is ideal for cutting any sort of fruit and vegetable, including the most delicate and soft ones. It is unique, it even dices tomatoes!

  • Ultra-compact, easier, ultra-effective
  • Professional stainless steel and composite polymers.
  • Total safety and easy to grip thanks to the ergonomic pusher and its slider.
  • Equipped with the DICE system
  • Pusher equipped with the rotation control system = regular and easy dice and diamond cuts
  • Plate system for easy and fast setting: 1 plate to cut slices and 2 plates for Julienne cuts.
  • V-shaped blade: perfect cut of all fruit/vegetables, even the softest.
  • Knob for setting cutting thickness fast - from 1 to 8 mm
  • Easy cleaning - Made in France
  • L 41 x W 21 x H 19 cm

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