Le Creuset - Square Skinny Grill - Black

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Le Creuset - Square Skinny Grill - 24 x 24 cm - 9,45" x 9,45"

Excellent for lower fat cooking, the Cast Iron Square Grills recreates the delicious flavour of seared meat and fish at home. The satin black enamelled interior is robust and durable to withstand higher surface temperatures, whilst the grooves re-create professional seared lines and flavour.

Le Creuset`s satin black enamel has excellent easy food release properties, which are enhanced once a natural surface patina develops. Whilst it is not a non-stick surface, once the patina covers the cooking surface the release of foods improves such that little, or no, fats or oils are required for healthier cooking. 

Le Creuset Square Grills are ideal for:

  • Searing quickly, with a minimum of fat, a variety of meat and fish   
  • Grilling brochettes, vegetables and fruit   
  • Gratinating grilled food with Parmesan cheese under the grill.   
  • Serving your grilled food at the table with style

Cast Iron is perfect for grilling because of it’s characteristics:

  • can be used on the stovetop, in the oven and under the grill
  • is suitable for use on all heat sources
  • is a superior conductor of heat, therefore, there is no need to use high heat. Best frying results are obtained on low to medium settings. Gently pre-heat pans on low setting for 2 - 3 minutes then add oil or liquid to it.
  • 30-year guarantee. /li>
  • All pans are coated with achromatic silk - enamel inside. This silk – enamel is satiny and makes cleaning much more easier. They have to be seasoned before first use.
  • Size: 24 x 24 cm - 9,45" x 9,45"

Additional product information

width of each handle 3 cm / 1,2"
size 24 x 24 cm - 9,45" x 9,45"

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