Donkey - WINE STOPPER Schnapsdrossel

Donkey - WINE STOPPER Schnapsdrossel

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Donkey - WINE STOPPER Schnapsdrossel

A half-full bottle presents no further dilemma. On the other hand this is where the porcelaine winediver comes into play! It doesn't matter, if it's a dog, shark or monkey: they all keep your wines fresh to the last drop.

  • Material: Porcelain & Cork
  • 12 x 3,5 cm


Gift ideas by Donkey Products

Gift ideas by Donkey Products are spectacular. Whenever you give a donkey present, you will enjoy delight of giving. The creative heads of Donkey work almost around the clock on new unique gifts, which you have never seen before. With great attention to detail and inspiration from all over the world, all gift ideas are specially designed by Donkey. Each colorful Eggwarmer, every crazy metal sign and every unique wine stopper once celebrated birth in the hallowed halls of a creative workshop.

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