RBV Birkmann - Cookie cutter pig 7.5 cm

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RBV Birkmann - Cookie cutter  pig 7.5 cm

  • 7.5 cm
  • Material: stainless steel

No mess!

Thanks to our cookie cutter, made of high quality stainless steel, you can leave the cleaning to the dishwasher. This will prevent you from being overly frustrated by the washing up after baking. In addition, the cookies are also easy to outdo - just like the pro. With pink frosting your little and big pigs look really lively. Of course, you can also let off steam and make squeaky little animals - that's up to you.

Not the last place

In the Middle Ages, the pig was often presented as consolation prize in competitions to the loser. But we are sure that your cookies will not be a comfort, but the main prize.

Baking is so easy! Eggs, butter, sugar and flour are all the ingredients you need for baking cakes or cookies. If you use more eggs and less flour it will become a sponge mixture. With less eggs and more flour you will get a dough for crispy cookies. Cakes and cookies should surprise, enchant, inspire and especially succeed and we at RBV Birkmann develop cookie cutters and baking moulds for this purposes.

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