Graef - Profi Tamper "Pressare 58" - 74 cm

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Graef - Profi Tamper "Pressare 58"

With the aid of the tamp, the finely ground espresso flour is evenly compressed in the sieve insert and prepared for the actual espresso preparation.

  • A tamper (or coffee-stamp) belongs to the basic equipment of every barista in the espresso preparation with a sieve carrier espresso machine.
  • With the Graef Profi tamper (Ø 58 mm) and its flat stainless steel stamp, the coffee grounds can be distributed and pressed optimally in the espresso strainer of the sieve support.
  • This ensures an optimal preparation of the coffee grounds before the espresso preparation with the sieve carrier espresso machine and a full flavor unfolding at a constant brewing pressure.
  • The tamper is manufactured in heavy quality from solid metal and has a weight of 440g. The flat stainless steel stamp with 58 mm diameter (suitable for many screen carriers) can be unscrewed.
  • The ergonomic handle of black lacquered aluminum has a handle height of 74 mm (total height of the tampon: 89.6 mm) and offers optimum grip for normal-sized hands.
  • Professional tamper (Ø 58 mm) with flat stainless steel stamp in heavy quality
  • ergonomic aluminum handle with 74mm handle
  • suitable for normal sized hands
  • Stainless steel stamp can be unscrewed
  • Color: stainless steel / black
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 58 mm x 58 mm x 89.6 mm
  • Net weight: 0.44 kg


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