Windmill Knives - Mini-Yatagan - cherry wood

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Windmill Knives - Mini-Yatagan

The Mini-Yatagan belongs to our line „Unikate aus Tradition“, which comprises a small assortment of knives with a special history, shape and traditional craftmanship.  The shape of the Yatagan blade can be originally traced back to the Arabian scimitar.  Used as a bayonet attachment at the time of Napoleon, later in Germany called „Solingen Turk“ and after World War II named „American“, this knife really created its own cosmopolitan story. Although it has felt all these influences it stayed unchanged in its form -  a knife with beauty and  well-balanced.
Elegant in curve and shape, the Mini-Yatagan is a very sharp tool which can be used for cleaning vegetables, chopping herbs or coring fruits.
The blade is made from chrome-molybdenum-vanadium-steel.

Handle: Cherry Wood
Rivets: Aluminum
Surface: stainless
Blade length: fine-glazed
Blade: ca. 85 mm / 3,25 Zoll
Overall length: 165 mm


Best used for

  • cutting without a chopping board
  • cutting on a chopping board
  • cutting without a chopping board
  • cutting on a chopping board
  • peeling and coring
  • fruit and vegetables

Windmühlenmesser honoured as a “Brand of the Century” 2013

Windmühlenmesser is one of the strongest brands in Germany. This is documented by the decision of a high ranking committee to include Windmühlenmesser in the famous compendium “Marken des Jahrhunderts – Leuchttürme auf dem Markenmeer” (Brands of the century - lighthouses on the brand Sea) and award it the “Markenpreis der Deutschen Standards” (Brand prize of German Standards). With the award of this prize, Windmühlenmesser now belongs to the exclusive circle of about 250 German brands which stand as representatives for their product category with a unique selling point.

For this reason we have created a set of six Buckels in a birch wood box for your family breakfast or when on the go.

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