mono - Exzentrik combination pepper mill

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mono - Exzentrik combination pepper mill - salt shaker

Reduction in mono-typical, straight and perfect to use to present the mills series "exzentrik". Pepper, salt, spices and their flavors one associates with the new mono-mills professionally and very stylish for development.

Heart of the latest high-quality ceramic grinding mechanism which is crushed coarse salt, peppercorns and other hard and soft spices flavor preserving. Filled the mills by simply removing the top part, without screws or disruptive grinder linkage. The fineness of grind setting can be easily from the bottom of the grinder to make.

The unrecognizable at first glance feature is undoubtedly the eccentrically rotating top. The highlight of the series: the combination of the pepper mill and salt shaker with the equally eccentric arranged scattered holes. Here the fine salt is poured into just be taken off the top. Sun Seasoning is an eye-catcher and a real pleasure.

  • adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism
  • Stainless Steel 18/10
  • h = 13,9 cm
  • d = 4 cm
  • Design: Katja Höltermann

mono - Home of the German producer of handcrafted design originals

Since 1959 mono’s goal has been to develop designer products that follow no trend, they simply outlast all trends. Striving to produce items that do not decorate but function and have the highest standards of production, material and origin.

This has not been a rare occurrence. mono products have become part of permanent museum collections of modern and applied art. mono friends elicit pleasure on a daily basis.

The mono manufactory is in the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Mettmann. That is where Wilhelm Seibel I set the cornerstone, in 1895 with the founding of the Britanniawarenfabrik W. Seibel – the basis for the family enterprise, which today is led by the 5th generation. In 1959 the brand mono was established with the introduction of mono-a.

Much has changed since then, and much has remained the same in the production process at mono. With stubborn dedication traditional processes were kept under the belief that manual know how, the human eye and high end materials actually do make a difference.

Some 30 steps are used until the final flatware product is finished. The product is under constant evaluation, and only then and when the final touch is made, and perfection is reached, is the product released from the manufactory.

Many mono products (partially several times) have been recipients of awards, and are in the permanent collection of museums of modern and applied art.



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