Riess - Enamel - Pastel - Milk Jug with Lid

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Riess - Enamel - Pastel - Milk Jug with Lid

Ybbsitz is situated in the middle of the rural Mostviertel region. That’s why we love our romantic porcelain enamel patterns that have roots in our native soil. They evoke a longing for living in the countryside and for hearty and natural tastes and smells.

For the practical transportation of milk, berries or soups. With Henkel. The Riess milk jug is svailable in 3 different sizes. The material enamel guarantees a quick heating of the food on all cooking places (including induction) and can be easily cleaned (also in the dishwasher). Particularly gentle and healthy cooking thanks to the antibacterial and anti-allergic properties of enamel. For the care and gentle cleaning of enamel cookware, enamelled surfaces and glass ceramic hobs, we recommend the enamel cleaner.

  • Easy to clean flavourless
  • scratch resistant
  • made from natural materials
  • Recommended for people with nickel allergies
  • Material: enamel crockery with flange or stainless pouring rim, handle: plastic
  • well-closing plastic lid 

Available in the following sizes:

  • Color: rose - Height: 15,8 cm - Capacity: 1,00 L
  • Color: light blue - Height: 19,2 cm - Capacity: 1,50 L
  • Color: nile green - Height: 23,2 cm - Capacity: 2,00 L


Enamel consists of natural materials and has many wonderful characteristics.
Ten good reasons in favour of RIESS Premium enamel:

  1. CO2-neutral
  2. Optimal for healthier and energy-saving cooking
  3. Induction cookware
  4. Odour neutral
  5. Bacteriostatic and easy to clean
  6. Extremely cut- and scratch-resistant
  7. Harmless to use as cookware in the case of nickel allergies
  8. Available in many colours and designs
  9. Extremely long-lasting
  10. Completely recyclable in scrap metal


RIESS - Premium Porcelain Enamel - Qualiy made in Austria since 1550

This company has a rich tradition, with its roots dating back to the year 1550. That is when the original pan forge was founded in Ybbsitz in the Lower Austrian Mostviertel region.
The manufacture of high-quality porcelain enamel kitchenware began here in 1922. Today, Julian Riess, Friedrich Riess and Susanne Riess, the ninth generation of the family, are at the helm of the company.

The RIESS porcelain enamel factory is the only porcelain cookware company in Austria and produces also porcelain enamel shields and industrial components.

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