Lurch - Burger Press 3pcs iron gray

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Lurch - Burger Press 3pcs iron gray

Forms perfect patties / burgers in two different diameters. Perfectly matched to our Burger Bun shapes. Easy disassembly for hygienic cleaning.

For meat fans and vegetarians: This press conjures up wonderfully uniform mince or vegetable burger in perfect size! Patties can be formed in two different diameters. Easily detach through the flat edge. The burger mold is completely collapsible and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

The summer is coming and the next barbecue party. If you want to serve your guests something special, delicious homemade hamburger or cheeseburger from the grill. And for the optimal Wow effect, the Patties are of course not from the freezer. But who wants to shape so many patties? With our burger press, you can make evenly large and beautifully shaped patties. The set consists of three parts: one plate and two different sized presses with black plastic handle. The small press has a diameter of 8.5 cm and the large one of 10 cm. For the small Patty press we recommend a quantity of meat of 80 grams and for the large press about 130 grams. The ergonomically shaped handle of the burger press allows an ideal distribution of pressure and thus creates a uniform consistency as well as a uniform thickness. All patties reach the cooking point at the same time and you achieve an optimal grilling result. This is the ideal size for your homemade Burgerbuns. You can also order the matching Burger Bun shapes from our shop.

Now it is up to them to surprise their guests. Whether it's a normal hamburger, cheeseburger or maybe a chicken burger in a delicious bun with dried tomatoes and pesto and rocket? With the Patty press, their burgers will all thrill.

  • 2 handles Ø 10.8 and 9.3 cm
  • Dishwasher safe

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