Lurch - Vegetable-Twister 5-piece set - Attila Hildmann

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Lurch - Vegetable-Twister 5-piece set - Attila Hildmann Edition

Healthy wind up! Dear fans of a healthy and vegan diet, you are now holding the key to creative, healthy cooking in your hands! With my new twister, the VEGAN INSIDE-OUT, LURCH introducing yet another clever kitchen utensil to your home. 

Use the four different blades to effortlessly scoop out the inside of fruit and vegetables. Added bonus: you are left with decorative spirals.
The VEGAN INSIDE-OUT adds a host of totally new and creative ideas to your varied and healthy vegan diet.

Four stainless steel blades for hollowing out vegetables and fruit. From carrots and courgettes to apples: The vegetable twister creates uniform hollows and also wraps the hollowed out spiral around the skewer. Fill the hollowed out fruit or vegetables with your own tasty creations. Raw, cooked or steamed, experience a brand new taste sensation every time.

  • Stainless steel
  • Size: Ø=3 x 20 cm
  • Lurch - Vegetable-Twister 5-piece set

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