Lurch - Multi Opener

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Lurch - Multi Opener

Occasionally, it sure happens that you just could not open a glass or a bottle. In such a case, our multi-opener proves to be an extremely useful kitchen tool. It can be used to open crown corks, screw caps, glass lids, cans and a whole host of other containers. It facilitates kitchen work and helps prevent accidents.
The multi-opener is very versatile and replaces several tools. Because of its versatility and small size, a multi-opener is ideal for travel or camping. A multi-opener allows even persons with disabilities or those with low physical strength the safe and comfortable opening of various bottles and containers.


  • Five different openers in one
  • With cap lifter (bottle opener), screw cap opener, screw cap opener, bag cutter and lever opener
  • Ergonomic shape fits comfortably in the hand
  • Non-slip materials guarantee optimum grip

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