Lurch - Base & Soul Juicer Slow Juicer

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Lurch - Base & Soul Juicer Slow Juicer

Our slow juicer is particularly suitable for green juices made from grasses, kale, etc. With a gear ratio of 2: 1, juicing is particularly smooth. We have invested 2.5 years in the development of specialty screws. Thanks to the special geometry, an efficient transport of compressed material with maximum juice yield is guaranteed. Since no heat is developed during cold pressing, slow juicen is considered to be particularly gentle. The hopper with double chamber system ensures the optimal distribution of fruits and vegetables. Hard material comes in the left and soft pressed material in the right chamber. Important here is not to overfill the chambers!

"Juicing with the Lurch Base & Soul"
It does not get fresher, more aromatic and healthier! As a cold juicer (slow juicer), it presses gently with a deliberately slow-rotating screw press. In contrast to electronic devices, it works with a low rotational speed, so that heat formation is prevented. This preserves sensitive vitamins and secondary, plant-based ingredients. This preparation protects against rapid oxidation. It gets only little oxygen into the juice, thereby the natural fruit and vegetable taste is preserved.

To prepare food and drinks fresh, is very trendy. In the past, people often resorted to finished products, so healthy, conscious nutrition is becoming increasingly important today. Versatile recipes can be found not only in cookbooks, but also food blogs and cooking sites on the Internet offer great inspiration. Whether alone, with friends, family, children - cooking is fun and starts with a well-planned preparation.

  • Dimensions: 22 cm x 23 cm x 10 cm
  • Suitable for juicing all fruits and vegetables as well as leafy vegetables, grasses and herbs
  • Super-robust base unit (Base) & detachable functional unit (Soul)
  • Compact device. Little space
  • Cold juicer (Slow Juicer) with deliberately slow-rotating screw press
  • All functional parts dishwasher safe
  • Designed & engineered in Germany

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