Lurch - Flexiform triangular shape 28,7x18 cm brown

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Lurch - Flexiform Dreieckform 28,7x18 cm braun   

Bread baking with the FLEXIFORM
The wonderful scent of fresh bread moves through the kitchen. Full of anticipation for the crunchy crust and the warm juicy loaf, you try to get the bread out of its shape - but it sticks firmly and can not be solved? With the LURCH FLEXI TRIANGLE, this problem is a thing of the past. With one touch, you can enjoy your bread immediately
Full grain in the triangle
Did you notice that triangular breads at the bakery are almost always wholegrain breads? You can do that too, with fresh ingredients, to your taste. How healthy a bread is depends, above all, on the processed flour. The more whole grains you use, the more nutrients you have. As wholemeal flour also processes the outer layers of the grain, the baked bread supplies B vitamins, zinc, magnesium, iron and fiber. Particularly valuable is the rye wholegrain flour, which has a large supply of vitamins and minerals and ensures a long-lasting satiety.
If a "normal" wholegrain bread is too boring, the LURCH FLEXI TRIANGLE CREAM can refine its bread with apples, walnuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, chia and linseed or dates. There are no limits to your creativity.


FLEXI-FORM - series

We have the original: LURCH FLEXI-FORM was the first platinum silicone baking pan in Germany. Meanwhile, silicone is the standard material for cooking, baking and freezing. ORIGINAL FLEXI-FORM is still the most popular and high-quality brand in the trade - and impresses with outstanding properties: • Absolutely non-sticky • Easy to clean • Dishwasher safe • Fruit acid and sourdough resistant • Space-saving stowage Thanks to their high material usage, our baking molds are flexible and stable at the same time , The largest assortment on the market ranges from standard shapes such as Gugelhupf to a variety of special forms for decorative baking. The quality inspires: ORIGINAL FLEXI-FORM is made of 100% platinum silicone. You can tell that - and enjoy the difference.

  • Novel triangular shape for bread baking
  • FlexiForm made of 100% platinum silicone
  • Food safe, tasteless and fruit acid resistant
  • Maximum non-stick effect
  • Dishwasher safe

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