Lurch - Bamboo Chopping Board - Attila Hildmann

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Lurch - Bamboo Chopping Board - Attila Hildmann Edition

VEGAN CHOP MATE - ATTILA HILDMANN EDITION - A sustainable and practical worktop saver for cutting and chopping.

Eco awareness goes beyond what you eat! Prove yours, for example by choosing a bamboo chopping board, the LURCH VEGAN CHOP MATE.
It is  super  thick and made of multi-layer laminated bamboo for extra durability and stability when cutting or chopping. Long lasting - looks after your VEGAN CHOP MATE and it won’t warp and continue to lie flat for years to come. Bamboo is also twice as hard as beech and has natural antibacterial properties.

I hope you enjoy your LURCH VEGAN CHOP MATE. Your Attila Hildmann

  • 40 x 30 cm

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