Chroma Ceramic Whetstone 200/800

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Chroma Ceramic Whetstone 200 / 800 ST-2/8

The combined grinding stone CHROMA ST-2/8 has the grain sizes 200 and 800. With the raw size 200 you can repair small blade imperfections. With the smoother size 800 you can carry out the real grinding.

  • 18 x 6,3 x 2,8 cm
  • Grit: 200 / 800

Care and proper use of a high-quality knife is always essential to maintain the best cutting edge and to insure the highest possible degree of safety when using. After all, a dull knife is a dangerous knife. The more pressure required to cut with a knife the greater chance of an accident occurring while it is being used.

Ideally, the knife should be sharpened daily (for professional cooks) or about every six months (for hobby cooks), and by the same person each time or with the help of a ‘sharping guide‘. Each person has an individual angle at which he or she sharpens the knife. The blade of the knife becomes sharper each time it is sharpened in the same manner, by the same person or with the help of an optional attachable ‘sharping guide‘. This ‘sharping guide‘ helps you hold knife’s edge at 15-20 degree angle when sharpening – the ideal angle.

Read the instructions included with your whetstone carefully. Sharpening with a whetstone is so simple that even beginners can quickly master the technique required. Knives with a serrated blade, such as the bread and tomato knives, should only be sharpened by a certified professional.

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