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Chroma Haiku - Chefs Knives Shop

In Japan, the art of the sword smith has a long tradition. Today Haiku knives are manufactured in small Japanese knife factories out of high-grade modern steel. Borrowing from an ancient method, a bamboo peg ("mekugi") is inserted from the side into every Haiku knife where the tang and handle are joined for added stability. To this day, traditional sword smiths in Japan use this time-tested technique when crafting swords like those once used by the samurai of medieval Japan.
HAIKU - the Japanese knife with the honoki-wood handle. Often Imitated - Only Authentic with the Falcon.

We stock the following Haiku series:

  • Chroma Haiku Home - cheap quality knives
  • Chroma Haiku Original - trad japan. knife series
  • Chroma Haiku Damast - with damascus blade, 32-fold from VG-10 steel
  • Chroma Haiku Kurouchi Tosa - The rustic knife - HAND FORGED - made ​​of blue steel aoko
  • Chroma Haiku Pro - Professional knife - HAND FORGED - Traditional handmade from Sakai, Japan
  • Chroma Haiku Itamae Suminagashi - HAND FORGED - The Crowning of the Haiku knife series


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