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Branding iron pans

Iron pans must be burned in before first use. Here we show a possible variant that you can easily make at home. Click here for the products.



Dowabo - Vacuum flask

The DOWABO vacuum flasks are the perfect all-round companion for sport, leisure, everyday life and work. Click here for the products.

Unold - Sous Vide Stick

Meat, fish or vegetables cooked gently and fat-free at the same temperature during sous vide cooking, so that vitamins and minerals are spared and preserved. If necessary, meat and fish are given a short "roast" to develop light roasted aromas - and the meal is cooked to perfection. Click here for the product.

Unold - Vakuumierer Design

Vacuumed foods can be kept up to five times longer in the refrigerator and freezing in the freezer is a thing of the past due to the vacuum! Click here for the product.

Zassenhaus - Grinder (cleaning, repair, assembly & spare parts)

In this video we show you how easy it is to clean your Zassenhaus mill and how you can change spare parts. Convince yourself!

Mepal - Modula Set

The Modula storage boxes from Mepal are ideal for storing dry food. The size and volume of the storage boxes have been specifically designed to fit products with standard packaging and to fit into regular kitchen drawers, cupboards and refrigerators. Due to the transparent sides and lids you can instantly identify what is in a Modula storage box. Click here for the product.

Küchenprofi - Egg picker

In this video we show you a helper who should not be missing in any kitchen. This egg picker prevents the eggshell from bursting and makes peeling easier. Click here for the product.