Raclette & Fondue

Happy New Year 2022 - We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year 2022. Your Culinaris Team

Culinaris - First School Day

Culinaris - First School Day Find the perfect gifts that make their new life perfectly! Lunchbox, Drinking Bottle...

Culinaris - italian cuisine

Buon Appetito! Enjoy Italian cuisine with the right tools for making and serving pizza, pasta and more.

Go to the Oktoberfest

Off to the Oktoberfest! - A variety of genuine eye-catchers - and certainly not only for the dirndl or at the Oktoberfest! I like that!

Culinaris - Cleanup and order

Culinaris - Have fun to clean up! Nothing but order in mind! Our secret recipe for plaster muffle.

Valentines Day - Gift ideas

Culinaris Valentine's Day - Great Valentine's Day gift ideas for very special people!

Asparagus season - tools for preparation

It suits excellent with ham and sauce hollandaise. Here you can find Tools for the preparation and recipe books.

Culinaris - Jam

Culinaris Jam - Make jams and jellies easy yourself. Here you will find the right accessories.

Culinaris - Football World Cup 2022

Football World Cup 2022 - Be it at the public viewing or at home, these items should not be missing!

BBQ - Barbecue

BBQ with friends - .Burgers, skewers or steaks - Vegetarian or meat - in the kitchen, in the garden, on the lawn

Pumpkin time & Halloween

Scary Halloween with Culinaris - Carved pumpkins, cookie cutters, gloves and much more.

St. Martin’s goose

Martinmas goose - feast with tradition - Get in the mood for winter on 11.11. with a feast of roast goose & co.

Off to the mushrooms - the mushroom season

Off to the mushrooms - the mushroom season

Collect mushrooms and enjoy! - High quality kitchen accessories for preparing and collecting mushrooms.

Tea Time - Tea accessories

Tea accessories -  Nothing beats the aroma of freshly brewed tea - such an important daily ritual calls for a stylish stovetop kettle.

Original Thuringian dumplings

Original Thüringer Klöße - Highest quality with trend and tradition - clever and practical kitchen gadgets and household articles