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What has skateboarding to do with cutting boards?

Nothing, you think. "Very much," thought one of Epicurean in Minnesota, USA. And so, in the effort to reduce senseless waste products during the construction of skateboard ramps, the "Mercedes" came under the cutting boards. Made of eco-friendly wood-fiber laminate, these cutting boards are a bit natural as their siblings are made of wood, but they are permanently dishwasher-proof. By the way, they protect the most expensive blades, are heat-resistant up to 176 degrees Celsius and germ-resistant due to the nonporous surface. And because the material is so versatile, it is still suitable for many other product ideas.

"Made in USA" has real quality here. We are convinced.
When do you cut on Epicurean?

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epicurean - Cutting Board Kitchen

epicurean - Cutting Board Kitchen - Exclusively manufactured in the USA to improve the work preparation in the kitchen.

22.99 *
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Epicurean - Dough roll

Product no.: 029-20302

Epicurean - Dough roll - The roll in the two-color design is 51 cm extra long and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

149.95 *
In stock

epicurean - Cutting Board Gourmet

epicurean - Cutting Board Gourmet - Thanks sap groove perfect for cutting meat, vegetables or fruit.

57.99 *
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epicurean - Cutting Board Gripper

epicurean - Cutting Board Gripper - The anti-slip rubber pads of these cutting boards ensure a stable hold during cutting! And of course you can go into the dishwasher.

39.99 *
In stock
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