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Mepal - Anniversary salad set Conix 6 pieces

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Mepal - Anniversary salad set Conix 6 pieces

Special edition on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Mepal. The 6-piece anniversary set Conix consists of a large Conix serving bowl with 3 l content, four small Conix bowls with 500 ml content and matching salad servers.

The Conix serving bowls have a unique design. They are available in several sizes, colors and corresponding salad servers. The stylish design bowls give justice to your carefully prepared dishes! The shape ensures that the bowls nest perfectly when stored in a cupboard.

Are they round or are they angular - the serving bolws from the Conix range from Mepal. It is not easy to answer this quesion because they are basically both of these things.

And this is what creates the special appeal that these bowls have. A glimpse from the side confirms the – in the truest sense of the word - straight-line nature of the design. The strictly conical shape leaves one in no doubt that this bowl is, on close inspection, clearly round. It is the connection between these extremes that lends the new serving bowl range Conix the distinctive feature, which makes it such an eye-catcher on the table.

The shape of the Conix serving bowls has been designed such that they can be easily stacked inside each other, thus facilitating space-saving storage. This means that an entire set of bowls, which can be selected for a whole range of uses, requires just one space in the cupboard. And the design by Mepal sees the special shape coupled with a special colour scheme. All Conix bowls are white on the inside, to provide a neutral stage for the food within. The white on the inside is combined with a colourful outside. This generates an exciting contrast, which once again emphasises the chromaticity of these bowls. And anyone seeking a discreet object is naturally also able to choose the bowls entirely in white.

The options for using the Conix serving bowls are almost limitless. In addition to fulfilling a simple serving function at the table, be it for salads, vegetables, French fries or desserts, the bowls are also perfect for use as buffet bowls, for the beautifully formed presentation of fruit - not only in the kitchen – and for the arrangement of biscuits and sweet treats to accompany coffee. Their availability in five different sizes makes them exceptionally adaptable.

The spectrum ranges from volumes of 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 litre right through to variants with 3 and 5 litre capacities. The large mixed salad for the big family feels just at home in one of these bowls as the bottles of beer do in the iced water at a barbeque party. The possibilities simply expand in line with the ideas.

  • material: melamine
  • suitable for the dishwasher
  • maximum temperature 70°C
  • very scratch-resistant
  • retains its vibrant color over time

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