Melamine Spoons[1]

Melamine Spoons[1]
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Rosti - Dough Scraper Margrethe in 2 Sizes

Product no.: 102531017100

Rosti - Dough Scraper Margrethe in 2 Sizes - This dough scraper ist available in 2 sizes and different colors.

from 4.95 *

Rosti - Wire Whisk

Product no.: 102541017000

Rosti - Wire Whisk -  It not only a big help while working in the Margrethe and Victoria mixing bowls.

from 6.99 *

Rosti - Basting Brush

Product no.: 13120

Rosti - Basting Brush  - Sharp point will even reach the smallest corners and edges - 178 x 40 x 18 mm

6.95 *

Mepal - Spaghetti Spoon

Product no.: rm104005160201

Mepal - Spaghetti Spoon - It has no sharp edges and is therefore extremely suitable for pans with a non-stick coating.

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