Simple, functional and clever - the Opinel knife is a timeless design icon and has established itself worldwide. The brand will celebrate its 130th anniversary in 2020. This longevity is thanks to the commitment of four generations of the Opinel family and many generations of workers and employees who have retained the know-how of their ancestors, respected the roots of the brand and kept growing them.


130 years - always sharp, always on the move, familiar and lovable.

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New Opinel - outdoor set with bag

Product no.: 254476

Opinel - outdoor set with bag - with the OPINEL KIT you are well equipped for every picnic.

59.95 *

New Opinel - mushroom knife

Product no.: 254144

Opinel - mushroom knife - This knife was specially developed by Opinel for the collection and preparation of mushrooms.

20.95 *

New Opinel - children's knife No. 07

Product no.: 254136

Opinel - children's knife No. 07 - offers the comfort and security of the locking ring and has a rounded blade

from 10.50 *
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