Japanchef - Kitchen Knife


CHROMA JapanChef - Kitchen Knife

Chroma Japan Chef - Kitchen Knife - The ideal basic knife for restaurant chefs and students. Cnives like the CHROMA JAPAN CHEF are standard for chefs of Japanese restaurants. The affordable price/performance ratio makes the CHROMA JAPAN CHEF very attractive to those just entering the job market. The price is low and the performance, top.
The CHROMA JAPAN CHEF leaves out a lot of the fancy stuff for the sake of affordability, but keeps its excellent, ice-hardened HRC 58° steel blade, ground to sharp perfection. The Japanese geometric blade, ground to a “V” shape, makes the cnives very sharp.
A product worth keeping an eye on, CHROMA JAPAN CHEF Cnives are the best cutters, keep an edge a very long time, and are simple and fast to sharpen using a CHROMA sharpening stone.

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CHROMA JapanChef - J-01 Peeling Knife 9 cm

Product no.: J01

CHROMA JapanChef - J-01 Peeling Knife 9 cm. It's perfect for decorative work. For cutting and cleaning of shallots, mushrooms

20.90 *
In stock

Japanchef - Boning Knife J04

Product no.: J04

Japanchef - Boning Knife J04 - blade length: 17 cm / 6,7" - To debone meats. Strong and sharp.

33.90 *
In stock


Product no.: J06
blade length: 20,7 cm / 8,1"
39.90 *
In stock

J07, Chef´s Knife

Product no.: J07
blade length: 25,5 cm / 10"
a must in every kitchen
49.90 *
In stock

J08, Fish Knife

Product no.: J08

Fish Knife blade length: 12,2 cm / 4,8"

25.90 *
In stock

CHROMA JapanChef - J-09 Santoku Knife 17,2 cm

Product no.: J09

CHROMA JapanChef - J-09 Santoku Knife 17,2 cm - For chopping vegetables and raw meat, also suitable for roasts and fish.

39.90 *
In stock

J11, Vegetable Knife

Product no.: J11
blade length: 14,7 cm / 5,8"
39.90 *
In stock
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