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Enjoy the high quality productworld of GRAEF - Honest products for daily use: innovative, durable and functional. These are our guiding principals. Products that help you to … simply enjoy.
The family company GRAEF has stood for high-quality „Made in Germany“ user-oriented products for over 55 years. In particular, the all-purpose slicing machines for household or commercial use are well known and cherished throughout the world for their exceptional workmanship, durability and, last but not least, design. GRAEF Quality - Guaranteed Quality given by GRAEF. GRAEF guarantees two, three, five and even ten years warranty on its range of products. This underlines best quality and reliability.
Next to slicing machines, Graef also offers high-quality espresso machines, coffee grinders, electric kettles, toasters or waffle makers.

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GRAEF - Brands of the Century - Beacons in the sea of Brands

After 2007 and 2009, the family-owned company Graef has again been elected as a “Brand of the Century” in November 2012. Graef now belongs to the exclusive circle of approximately 250 German brands which have been decorated with this coveted award of the publisher “Deutsche Standards”.

Within the product category „All-purpose Slicing Machine“, Graef has therefore set many international standards and is one of the most powerful German brands. This is documented by a decision of a high-ranking advisory board to accept the Graef brand to the well-known compendium „Brands of the Century - Beacons in the sea of Brands“ and to award the „Brand Award of Deutsche Standards“ to Graef.

The „Brand Award of Deutsche Standards“ has personally been handed on mister Andreas Schmidt, CEO of the Gebr. Graef GmbH & Co. KG at the great brand gala on November, 22nd 2012 in the Berlin Adlon Hotel by Dr. Florian Langenscheidt, publisher of the „Brands of the Century“.