Emile Henry


Emile Henry - Ceramics since 1850 - Made in France

Marcigny, a small town nestling between the hills of Southern Burgundy, has been home to Emile Henry for the past 150 years. Faithful to its origins, the entire production is carried out here. Thanks to its clay, rich in refractory properties, Burgundy has remained a fertile area for potters, passing on their savoir-faire from generation to generation.The rich soil and famous vineyards have made of Burgundy a gastronomic area, producing many great chefs and regional specialities.


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Emile Henry - Clay

Clay, a natural and noble material, has been used since the mists of the time to cook or preserve food.
While respecting the traditional techniques, Emile Henry has introduced technological improvements (HR®) so that the dishes are more resistant to mechanical and thermal shocks