Schott Zwiesel - DIVA - Decanter with Funnel

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​Schott Zwiesel - DIVA - Decanter with Drier

DIVA captures the flow of emotion in its sensuous design. This high quality range represents the perfect sym - biosis of classic design and modern innovation. The slim, convex stems flow in the hand and lend a special charm to the softly curved bowls. The harmonious forms of the fourteen bowls – from wine to Grappa – are designed to bring out the complex aromas of a wide variety of drinks.

The high-quality DIVA decanter from the SCHOTT ZWIESEL brand has a decanting funnel for optimum distribution. The decanting funnel allows a wine's bouquet to develop optimally as the wine is perfectly aerated during pouring.

  • Height: 224 mm
  • Diameter: 224 mm
  • Inhalt: 1000 ml
  • Material: TRITAN®-crystal glass

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