Haiku Original - H-01, Peeling Knife

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Haiku Original - H-01, Peeling Knife

This peeling knife is perfect for decorative work.

blade length: 8 cm / 3,1"


Japanese Molybdenum/Vanadium-Steel

Japanese V-Cut 

Honoki wood

Meguki Peg: 
A small bamboo peg that is inserted from the side into every HAIKU knife where the tang and handle are joined for added stability.

Never wash HAIKU knives in the dishwasher, the aggressive detergents and heat damage the steel and the honoki wood. Please wash the knife in warm water and dry it by hand after every use. Don't cut bones or other hard materials with a HAIKU knive (use a cleaver).

HAIKU knives stay sharp a long time, but depending on how often you use it, they will need to be sharpened. They are designed for quick and easy sharpening. Always use a whetstone, never a sharpening steel, it will damage the fine HAIKU edge. Store your HAIKU knife in a block, on a magnatic strip or in a knife case.

What does Haiku mean?
The Haiku is a highly artistic form of poetry, developed among the noble classes of Japan in the 16th century. Translated literally it means "witticism." The meter and content of a Haiku are "sharpen to a fine edge." It is written in a three-lined stanza, contains precisely seventeen syllables, and often relays a razor-sharp critique of current issues.

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handle material Honoki

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