Fruchtwerker - Fruit Vinegar currant & Vinegar

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Fruchtwerker - Fruit Vinegar currant & Vinegar

Especially for the refinement of salads and gravies, and marinades or desserts.

  • Glass bottle with screw cap 250 ml

All products are manufactured in a factory in Northern Germany. The procedure has been improved over many years and again. It is now a well-kept secret. Betrayed is just that a particularly careful handling of the fruit makes sure to keep the flavor and coloring substances still almost completely intact.

It will be used exclusively to each fruit, sugar and vinegar. Color and flavoring agents or other additives are not used.

Classical applications include sauces, marinades or dressings. Creativity knows no limits, however. "Strawberry & Vinegar" fits perfectly with fruit salad, corn salad, mascarpone cream, ... .

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Recipes: Quickly dressing for any salad and mixed salad


  • 50 ml Hadenfeldt fruit vinegar
  • 20 ml of walnut oil (may substitute olive oil)
  • 1 / 2 teaspoon mustardSalt and pepper to taste

Preparation: All the ingredients are well beaten and then given over the salad.

Recipes:  Braised mushrooms with red onions


  • 200 g fresh mushrooms
  • 6 red onions,
  • 50 ml of raspberry vinegar and fruit vinegar,
  • fresh parsley, salt, pepper and oil for frying


Cut the onions into rings and fry in oil glaze. Add the sliced mushrooms. All weiterbraten until the mushroomsgolden brown, but still al dente. The mushroom-onion mixture with raspberry vinegar and deglaze "and let it boil a little. Season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with parsley. Serve with fresh baguette.

The first user of our products were creative chefs. But even among the amateur cooks the product line has found many friends.Very popular are our creations as a gift.

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capacity 250 ml

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