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Prepara's brand mission is to create high-quality kitchenware products that are ingenious, novel and utilitarian: each one designed for the enjoyment of people looking to eat and prepare healthier, tastier food while embracing a lifestyle of wellbeing and longevity. Enjoy food!

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Prepara - Jumbo Ice Ball Maker

Product no.: 16295

Prepara - Jumbo Ice Ball Maker - The Ice Pods are funny plastic balls for making large ice balls. The eye-catcher in every glass and carafe.

14.99 € *

Prepara - Roasting Laurel

Product no.: 16292

Prepara - Roasting Laurel - ensures that your chicken or roast is not swimming in unhealthy fat or burn on the bottom of the roaster.

29.99 € *

Prepara - Topper Chopper

Product no.: 16293

Prepara - Topper Chopper - This fun chopper makes short work of hard candy and nuts - BPA free

29.99 € *

New Betty Bossi - Spätzle Mix

Product no.: BB155004

Betty Bossi - Spätzle Mix - Dough preparation and Spätzliausbringen are now easy, fast and clean in the Spätzli Blitz.

59.95 € *

New Betty Bossi - Sauce Maker

Product no.: BB155020

Betty Bossi - Sauce Maker - Make Sauces Quickly! Mayo, tartare, cocktail, béarnaise or hollandaise

39.95 € *

New Betty Bossi - Rösti-Blitz

Product no.: BB155005

Betty Bossi - Rösti-Blitz - Rösti strips in 5 minutes: Rösti has never been that fast! And that without peeling and grating.

42.95 € *

New Betty Bossi - Chocolate Deco

Product no.: BB155018

Betty Bossi - Chocolate Deco - Change the spout with just one hand! Also during the decorating.

59.95 € *
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