KitchenAid - Precise Heat Mixing Bowl for 6,9 L

KitchenAid - Precise Heat Mixing Bowl for 6,9 L

Product no.: 5KSM1CBEL
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KitchenAid - Precise Heat Mixing Bowl for 6 ,9 L - 5KSM7580, 5KSM7591, 5KSM7990

  • Fit for KitchenAid 6,9 L - 5KSM7580, 5KSM7591, 5KSM7990

Yoghurts, tempered chocolate, bread doughs, custards and risotto… normally these form part of the repertoire of the master chef.
Now, as passionate home cook, you can short cut your way to these culinary delights with our handy Precise Heat Mixing Bowl, which delivers exact heating for these special creations which require gentle, yet precise handling.
The Precise Heat Mixing Bowl makes a handy addition to your KitchenAid Stand Mixer, or functions perfectly as a stand-alone appliance, thanks to its separate power cord. Expand your possibilities and surprise yourself with new cooking capabilities!

  • 1°C Precision temperature control
    Exact temperature control and feedback for even the most delicate cuisine: sauces, yoghurt, custards, bread dough, chocolate, cheese fondue…
  • Chocolate tempering mode
    Clear guidance during the chocolate tempering process for crispy, shiny, smooth chocolate creations
  • Independent power supply
    Use together with the stand mixer or as a separate heating appliance
  • Up to 10 hours heating with separate lid
    Ideal for slow cooking and keeping dishes at serving temperature for a long period of time
  • Specifically developed set of standard accessories (dough hook, wire whisk and flex edge beater)
    To knead, whip, mix and stir while cooking
  • Digital display with manually adjustable temperature and time setting
    Easily set desired cooking parameters, and adapt if needed
  • Removable, dishwasher-safe inner cooking bowl
    For immediate storage/refrigeration - Easy clean-up



  • Wattage 450 W
  • Voltage 220 - 240 V
  • Frequency 50 / 60 HZ
  • Material cooking bowl (cool touch acc) ABS + PC
  • Material removable inner bowl Stainless steel
  • Capacity Bowl Whole bowl Max 4.7 L, to marking "MAX FILL" 1.9 L
  • Dimensions product H x W x D - 24.4 × 26.9 × 30.1 cm
  • Net Weight 3,4 kg
  • Warranty 2 years


  • Bowl liner with cool touch handles - Made from stainless steel.
    This removable inner cooking bowl is dishwasher-safe - for easy storage - refrigeration and easy cleaning.
  • Transparent glass lid with handle
    Monitor progress during the heating/cooking process. Ideal for slow-cooking dishes without needing to usem the stand mixer. Dishwasher-safe.
  • Dough hook
    To knead dough for breads and other treats. In aluminium and anti-stick nylon coated.
  • Wire whisk
    6 wire-whisk made from stainless steel wires and aluminium head.
  • Flex edge beater
    The flexible edge design guarantees faster mixing, without having to stop the motor and use a spatula. In aluminium and anti-stick nylon coated with silicone side.


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