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Rosti Mepal - Since 1950

Rosti Mepal has been devoted for sixty years to developing original plastic products. Many designs have been part of the Rosti Mepal collection for decades. High quality, superb functional features and a timeless base design keep these products up-to-date for years and years while still alternating the colour concepts and decorations.

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Rosti Mepal - For everyone

Eating and drinking are primary needs in life. For ages on end, products have been developed to make the handling of food more healthy, pleasant, practical and modern. Since 1950 Rosti Mepal has been contributing to this aspect with modern materials, design, colours and decorations. From the perspective of Rosti Mepal, people – young and old - are at the core of this endeavour.

Since its inception in 1950 Rosti Mepal has had its own design department which has accumulated a great deal of expertise based on feedback from the consumer markets. At times products have to carefully evolve along cultural traditions. At other times there is the challenge to find new forms and solutions that can meet the changing needs or lifestyles of consumers.  The ultimate test of any design after all is whether the consumer is a satisfied end-user. The proof that Rosti Mepal has succeeded to this end is the fact that many of these products have been part of its collection for decades.


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